You've found the best cleaning service anywhere near Roanoke, VA.

We've made starting with us quick, simple, and painless. See for yourself.

Step One:

We come in person, to your home or business, for a free consultation. We don't pressure anybody or use pushy sales techniques. We'll simply visit, learn what you would like cleaned so we can best serve you, and that's it. Really.

Step Two:

We'll create your custom checklist (you can always make changes later, if your needs change) and we'll use that each and every time we come clean.

Step Three:

We always start with a deep cleaning to set the stage for A+ Custom Cleaning's high quality standards. We clean every square-inch of your windows, baseboards, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and even the inside of appliances (like a refrigerator, etc.). You may not be able to recognize your office or your home when we're done with it!

Step Four:

Based on the schedule that you decide (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly), the same cleaning personnel will arrive at your home or office at the same scheduled time at the interval you've selected. This ensures that your cleaners know the plan and get right to won't need to re-initiate a new team of cleaners each time they arrive! These maintenance cleanings will keep your home or office clean and tidy, and we can also build in scheduled deep-cleaning-services at regular intervals to take it to the next level!